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Paid Job in United States

Here is a list of the highest paid jobs in America. We created a color map by occupation. Data provided ...

The Best 50 jobs in America in 2019

  1. Job TitleMedian Base SalaryJob SatisfactionJob Openings
  2. Data Scientist$108,0004.3/56,510
  3. Nursing Manager$83,0004/513,931
  4. Marketing Manager$82,0004.2/57,395
  5. Occupational Therapist$74,0004/517,701
  6. ...

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Mankind has always wanted to know about the outer space around us, to learn about the neighboring planets, to explore ...


In 1911, the editor of the newspaper Time Arthur Brisbane was evaluated information value of pictures, remaking the famous saying ...

Infographics – an innovative approach to understanding information

The new era of information flows dictates its own rules: a huge amount of content, videos and tweets are created daily. It is quite natural that a person’s attempts to systematize and comprehend mountains of information in most situations suffer a fiasco. But there is a way out and it is obvious – this is infographics.

Affordable and simple

Infographics is an effective and reliable tool for optimal perception of information by a person. A visual picture with the help of symbols, text combinations and bright design helps to concisely tell a complete story and does not require much time for its understanding (unlike long texts, tedious presentations and other low-structured presentation options). In addition, using high-quality infographics, you can make the necessary semantic accents, presenting a large amount of information to the reader in a non-boring format. Interesting facts, intriguing images, numbers and statistics can be combined into trendy, easily perceived images.

Attractive pictures, practical presentation, affordable combination of content and graphic materials – all this makes infographics a productive, successful and promising advertising tool.

Infographic Benefits

Professionally designed infographics do not require any special promotion, because it in itself interests people who distribute spectacular “cocktails” from text and pictures over the network. But this is not the only advantage of this marketing tool. Among the irrefutable advantages of infographics:
  • visual perception – the human brain easily perceives and assimilates the submitted information;
  • embeddability – guaranteed display of links to the source portal when placed on third-party resources;
  • high “viral” potential – the indicators of distribution on social networks are much higher than the usual content and media formats;
  • attractive design – from the first second captures attention and is remembered for a long time;
  • improving SEO-indicators – due to the viral nature of infographics improved position in search engines;
  • increase in attendance rates;
  • an effective tool of “brand awareness” – when placing a logo in the image of the company is growing rapidly;
  • a wide range of applications.

Advertising business experts from all over the world agree that the development of infographics is a very promising and promising direction, because it is easier to perceive information using beautiful and interesting images than monotonous texts. The conclusion is obvious: for the infographics – the future!