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Healthy eyes

healthy eyes
healthy eyes

Most of the information from the outside world we get through the organs of vision. If not take care of them and ignore the fatigue, in a short time they lose the ability to see clearly. The most dangerous enemies of our eyes are unhealthy lifestyles, poor nutrition and long stays in front of the computer. How to keep your eyesight up to old age, given such living conditions?

General recommendation Consider the simple rules of preservation of vision, which must be followed every day: full sleep. Lack of sleep can cause disorders of the optic nerve; don’t watch TV in the dark; do not forget to take breaks while working at the computer; do not read books on the bus and train. Also not worth reading in the lying position; get rid of the habit of squinting, because of this highly tense oculomotor muscles; more walk in the fresh air; do gymnastics for the eyes; reduce the amount of alcohol to a minimum; give up Smoking, including passive; the diet should consist of foods rich in vitamins and minerals; check with your ophthalmologist regularly. Among the experts there is such a thing as light starvation. This happens in people who rarely go out. But sunlight has a beneficial effect on the visual apparatus and improves the quality of vision. But at the same time, the eyes need to be protected from ultraviolet radiation. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses with sun filter.

While reading the book should be at a distance of 30-40 cm Light should be top and to Shine on the left side. E-books are not worth reading, despite the backlight. During a long reading, periodically pause, look away and do eye exercises.

Do not forget about proper nutrition. We are what we eat. Great benefit for the visual apparatus has blueberries. It promotes the regeneration of retinal cells, reduces fatigue and normalizes visual acuity. For the body is extremely necessary potassium, which affects the condition of blood vessels. This substance is contained in dried fruits, bananas, oranges.

Lutein is necessary for the normal functioning of the retina. It is found in corn, carrots, persimmon, spinach, avocado, orange pepper. Do not forget about seafood, vegetable oil, nuts, fish.

ATTENTION! It is proved that the organs of vision rest and relax during contrast procedures. Wash alternately with cold and warm water. Watching TV is associated with rest, but the eyes at this moment do not even think to rest. You minimize the damage if you turn on a bright light. The TV screen should be at a distance of at least two to three meters.

The right way of life will keep excellent vision for many years. Give up bad habits. Tobacco smoke irritates the mucous membrane of the eye and causes inflammation. Released toxic substances can even cause clouding of the lens – cataract. Caustic substances can cause blockage of blood vessels and worsen visual function. Addiction to alcoholic beverages can eventually cause atrophic changes in the nerve cells of the eye.

Memo for parents One of the common problems of school-age children is the deterioration of visual acuity. This is due to excessive visual stress, irregular use of computer and TV, as well as low physical activity. Prevention of visual system disorders depends largely on parents and teachers, whose task is to ensure the correct mode of the day and rest of the student.

In order to improve the vision of the student, first of all it is necessary to observe the hygiene of vision. This includes good lighting. Visual work should be carried out with the use of high light and a powerful table lamp. Remember that the light should fall from above and from the left side!

The child should learn to hold a book and a notebook at a distance of about forty centimeters. Do not allow your child to read lying down, as well as in transport. Vibration and lack of light will greatly tire the eye muscles. Parents should take care of strengthening the child’s body. It is important to ensure motor activity and nutrition. If you want your child to be less sick, temper it. An important role is played by staying in the fresh air. It’s no secret that a strong and hardy body is less prone to diseases, including ophthalmology. Enriched with vitamins and minerals diet will create the necessary conditions for the full operation of the retina. The most useful for the organs of vision are considered to be such products:

curd, kefir, beef, green, carrot, boiled fish, berries.

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