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Alphabets of Europe Map

Alphabets of Europe MapWhy almost all European languages ​​use the Latin alphabet? Because the whole of European civilization, one way or another, was formed around the Roman Empire. And then, the center of culture and literacy was for some time the Christian church. The language of the western church was Latin. In addition, the Latin alphabet, unlike the Greek, is much simpler and more convenient.

The Germanic peoples were so-called. runes. Considering that most likely they and the Latin alphabet have a common origin (from North Etruscan), and a number of letters have a similar outline, the northern peoples did not have a particular problem to go over it.

Where the Catholic Church was strengthened, Western culture began to dominate. So, for peoples without writing (West Slavic, for example), national alphabets were created on the basis of the most common and widely used. This, among other things, facilitates communication between different nations and the learning of other languages.

If the alphabet is invented “from scratch”, then after a while it is usually no longer used, and transferred to one of the most common. For example, the verb in Slavic countries eventually lost to Latin and Cyrillic.

Why do Eastern and some southern Slavs have Cyrillic? Because this writing was created on the basis of the Greek, the countries were not in the orbit of influence of the Catholic Church, but of Orthodoxy and Byzantium.

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