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Analemma Solar

analemma solar
Analemma Solar

Analemma is the curve that the Sun describes in the sky during the year, if you fix its position daily at the same time of day. Her images are often found on ancient globes of the starry sky or sundial.

Analemma is similar to the wrong number eight, and in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, the upper part of this figure eight is smaller than the lower one. In the southern hemisphere, it naturally turned upside down. Its existence is due to the fact that the axis of rotation of the Earth is inclined to the plane of its orbit around the Sun by 23 °, 45, and that this orbit is elliptical, which means that the Earth does not evenly move along it.

If these two circumstances did not exist, then the whole year the Sun would be at the chosen time of day at the same point in the sky.

Is it possible to build an analemma on my own? Yes, you can do it by simply fixing the position of the Sun in the sky at the same time every day. During this procedure, it is important not to forget about the transitions to winter time and back (if you live where this archaic practice is still observed). And this project is best to start in winter, on the day of the December solstice, since it is on this day that the noonday Sun passes at the lowest point above the horizon.

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