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Shifting to cycling

02-Shifting to cycling
Shifting to cycling infographic

Bicycle as a vehicle is quite common in Europe, so you can often see a man on a bike, pedaling towards his office or supermarket. But it is worth thinking seriously about what advantages and disadvantages it has as a vehicle. You spend much more time in the fresh air, saturated with oxygen instead of suffocating in the stuffy cabin of public transport or your own car. In Sunny weather, you do not suffer from the heat and the feeling that you like someone is trying to cook in a large pot. Cycling is a great exercise that relieves you from extra pounds makes your body slim and fit, but also increases your stamina and keeps you in good shape. You will also soon forget about shortness of breath, because Cycling has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and helps in the treatment of vascular dystonia.

The bike will save you from having to stand for hours in traffic jams, because you can safely bypass the “stuck” flow, while the car and bus can not do it. And since traffic jams are inevitable in big cities, they make up a significant part of the time you spend on the road. Another plus of the bike as a vehicle, which simply can not be ignored – finding a Parking space for you is no longer a problem, because it is much easier to find a bike, given how much less space is required for this. This, incidentally, also saves you at least five to ten minutes a day. Trifle, but nice. However, along with so many advantages of the bike as a means of transportation in the city, there are disadvantages. Large cities are not equipped enough for cyclists to move freely and safely. And every exit to the roadway is a big risk, which the cyclist is forced to take. In addition, sitting on the bike for the first time, and even with the intention to ride it to the other end of the city, you will realize that you have never overestimated themselves and their capabilities. Because to control the bike you need to get used to physically, and people without any physical training is better to start with overcoming small distances.

In the end, the bike – it’s not the most successful and not the safest means of transportation on snowdrifts and ice, and to ride a bike in the fall in the mud and puddles, too little fun. Therefore, the best time to use a Bicycle as a vehicle is between may and September. And with the onset of cold weather still have to change to something more practical and protected – a car, for example.

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