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How to use breaks


Breaks in work need to do necessarily. How often to take breaks and why they are so important I will tell in this article. Some people are so addicted to work that they do not consider it necessary to take breaks for rest. This habit only work and never rest – bad, and it can lead to deterioration of your health. Many employers encourage their employees to work without interruption, as they fear that productivity will fall. However, they forget that if a person does not rest, he gets tired, and labor productivity is also reduced. The thoughts of a tired person dissipate, and he can not concentrate on anything. That is why people who are forced to work for a long time without rest, in fact, are not engaged in work, but sit on the Internet in social networks or do things that have nothing to do with work. In the work necessary to do breaks. Here’s why! Breaks in work – health benefits Frequent and short breaks help to avoid many common diseases in people leading a sedentary lifestyle.


When you stay for a long time in the same position, the blood circulation in the body is disturbed. It is because of this, then there are pain in the joints and muscles, cramps, hair begin to fall out, reduced metabolic rate and concentration, pimples appear. If you take only 5-minute breaks every hour, it will prevent circulatory disorders and help to avoid the above mentioned problems. Focusing on any work task for a long time negatively affects the body: blood pressure increases, the body’s ability to resist viral and bacterial infections decreases, diabetes develops. In addition, not all chairs are designed so that the person sitting on them had a straight posture. With prolonged sitting back often gets tired, numb muscles. All this is a great stress for the whole body. It is necessary to get up from time to time to walk, relax your muscles and calm down.

Health risk

Imagine: you are sitting for several hours at work, want to eat, drink or sleep. You want to drink a Cup of coffee or eat something substantial. But it is impossible – it is necessary to solve a working problem further. This approach leads to the fact that many begin to eat right at the Desk. Lack of movement and eating sooner or later will lead to increased cholesterol, heartburn and many other health problems. If you get up for a few minutes, stretch, rest and eat, it will not hurt the work.


Inability to focus, watery eyes and headaches are a sure sign that you are working too hard. All day looking at a computer monitor or laptop is very harmful to the eyes. To eyes function correctly, you need to blink, but when you still look in the computer, the eyes blink less often. When working on a computer, it is recommended to take your eyes off the screen every 5-10 minutes and let them relax. This is especially important if you feel dry and irritated eyes.


Your office chair is not the most comfortable place, and you have to sit on it all day. If possible, choose a chair that would keep your back upright, and to sit at the same time it was convenient. However, the topic of chairs is controversial. Even if they are comfortable, many sit on them incorrectly: they slouch, lift their shoulders, strain the muscles of the neck, shoulders or legs, which causes pain in these parts of the body later. To avoid this, it is necessary from time to time to perform at least simple office exercises, even sitting at the table, stretching the ligaments and muscles. Even better, if you get 5 minutes to walk down the hall and stretch your legs.

Mental health Sitting for a long time in the same place leads to fatigue, confusion and boredom. To avoid this and other problems of the psychological plan, you should from time to time to relax.

Stress and fatigue

Inability to rest leads to memory impairment, mental attacks and nervous breakdowns, chronic stress and fatigue. Breaks in work help to manage time If you think that it is necessary to work without interruption because to make everything quicker and to be in time more, you are mistaken. If you are tired, you are no longer working, but simply wasting time. Your subordinates do the same. People who have the opportunity to relax in the process of work, better understand the importance of time, better manage it and have more time. Breaks in work help to be creative Sometimes to solve any work problems should be creative. But about any creativity it can’t be a question if you long time without interruption think of the same problem. If you had even a little rest, you would have fresh thoughts in your head. What can you do during your break? Rest breaks should be short. To slightly move and distract, you will be enough 5 minutes every hour. During the break, you can do the following things: – listen to music; – do a few simple exercises to stretch the muscles and joints; – do breathing exercises and eye exercises; – drink coffee, tea or a snack of fruit; – go outside and get some fresh air. Now you probably understand how important it is to take breaks to rest during the working day. Just 5 minutes every hour will protect you from many health problems. You will not get too tired at work, get irritated and experience unnecessary stress.

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