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Paid Job in United States

The Best 50 jobs un America in 2019 Here is a list of the highest paid jobs in America. We created a color map by occupation. Data provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Basically, all the highest paid jobs are related to medicine. This is because we look at average annual wages for large groups of people. For example, only some actors in California earn millions of dollars. The vast majority of people do not make a lot of money from making films. But doctors and dentists usually make a ton of money no matter where they live.

Then the real question is which health workers earn the most money. In the northwest, obstetricians and gynecologists earn more than others. Therapists are the highest paid in only two states, Minnesota and Arkansas. The salaries of anesthetists are high regardless of where they work.

Interestingly, our map shows that the average income for the highest paid jobs across the country is not much different. In each state, wages range from 250 to 390 thousand. Dollars. United States, excluding Puerto Rico ($ 135,510), Virgin Islands ($ 150,620) and Guam ($ 163,180). No occupation brings an average of millions, and yet, no matter where you live, if you work in one of these jobs, you can count on a decent coin.

This means that the real differentiating factor that needs to be considered is the cost of living, which determines how much money people leave after paying for their basic needs. For example, the cost of buying a home in California is incredibly high compared to Ohio. On average, an anesthetist in California only earns $ 7,000 more than Ohio, but he or she is likely to pay tens of thousands more housing. Although we do not recommend choosing a job based solely on how much money you have earned, it is always useful to know where you stand, both in terms of income and expenses.

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